Addressing Failure in Relationships

Couples counseling can help address failure in a relationship.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being an almost perfect relationship, how would you rate your relationship with your significant other?

Relationship ratings consisting of 4’s, 5’s and 6’s are livable averages. A relationship rating of 7 and higher means that you are on your way to a happy and comfortable life together. Relationship ratings that consist of 3’s, 2’s and 1’s mean you need help and this slope ends in a bad way. However, there is help. Marriage and relationship counseling can change your life as a couple, in meaningful and significant ways.

Think of your relationship with a significant other as a business. In some ways it is a partnership where time and money and real heart wrenching emotional effort have been invested for the immediate future and for the expectation and hope for a better long-term future.

Businesses measure performance on different scales, such as profit now and the expectation of future profits, return of equity, and various cash flow evaluations, but the end result is an economic value and the prospect for long-term growth. Businesses that recognize that they need help seek professionals to develop and implement performance measurement initiatives that will address those business practices that if improved will improve their performance.

Business professionals use the following tools to help businesses improve and measure their effort and evaluate the consequences. These could work to help your relationship.

    *Develop a vision and a strategy that are actionable

    *Ensure that the strategy is linked to resource allocation

    *Help stakeholders develop goals to which they are committed

    *Use state of the art improvement methods

    *Prevent the concept of “striving for perfection” from limiting success

    *Get good early results

    *Use performance measurement

    *Encourage all parties to buy into the process

Could you and your partner develop an actionable vision and strategy for your relationship without professional help?

Could you and your partner ensure that the strategy is linked to resource (time and money and effort) allocation without professional help?

Could you and your partner develop goals you both are committed to achieve without professional help?

Could you and your partner use state of the art improvement methods, avoid the trap of “striving for perfection,” get good early results, and use performance measurements to monitor your progress without professional help? The answer to these questions is likely – no.

Is your marriage struggling? Is your relationship on the down slope? There is hope. Just as a struggling business can get help that will produce measurable results, your relationship can also get help from a professional marriage counselor that will produce results.

Do you live in the Miami area? Dr. Elsa Orlandini offers marriage and relationship counseling in two locations: South Beach on Lincoln Road and in the Brickell Avenue Business Center in Miami.

Professional marriage and couples counseling offers treatment for your failing relationship and a chance to get your relationship back on track.

Don’t suffer in silence. Confront your fears with Dr. Orlandini by your side. Take charge of you life.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Orlandini today.

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