Dealing With Holiday Stress

As the holidays approach, many people are looking forward to celebrating and spending time with family, but for some families or couples it may be a time of stress or increased family tension.

Families tend to come together during the holidays and reconvening can often activate old dynamics and old wounds that have never been resolved. As a result, constant conflict and arguments may outweigh the joyful and happy moments we usually expect during the holiday season, causing hurt and sadness for many.

Additionally, no matter what your expectations are for the holiday season, you are bound to face stressful situations, such as travel delays, staying with your in-laws, or hosting a large group. These stressful situations may cause an increase in marital conflict or escalate overall tension in the home, which may make you feel apprehensive about the holiday season.

Although family relationships and conflicts could become extremely complicated, it does not mean that you have to avoid spending the holidays with your loved ones.

As psychologists who work with couples and families, we know the holidays could increase tension in the home and lead to conflict. Family and couples therapy could offer support and guidance to improve communication and resolve these ongoing conflicts. Families are likely to benefit from increased insight into their repetitive destructive patterns of communication and ways of dealing with family conflict especially when the family reconvenes.

The psychologists and therapists at the Orlandini Psychology Group are experienced in helping individuals and families deal with different kinds of stress, including stress that is brought on by the holiday season. Contact Us today – we can help.

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