Does family counseling help?

Is your teenager sitting in their room each night? Has your child become disrespectful, unmotivated at school, even involved with alcohol or drugs? Is your spouse distant? Is the spark gone? Is your family disintegrating in front of you?

Each family has its own mini-culture. Whether we want to or not, we pass our dysfunction on to our children. Families are systems. And if one part of a system changes, the rest of the system will change, too. “The trick is to get parents to change.” Often one person is not the issue. It is the system. For the system to change all members of the family will have to change too.

Dr. Orlandini, a Miami area family therapist and Florida certified psychologist, can help you discover your family’s system, recognize the problems within the system, decide to do something to help the situation, and start to take the necessary actions to become a functional family. Family counseling does help.

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