New Year’s Resolutions

Around this time of year we often think about our resolutions for the upcoming year and think back on our resolutions from the previous year and often realize that we were not as successful as we intended to be. Whether our resolution was to lose 10 pounds or spend more time with our family, we may realize now that we pushed certain resolutions to the side or we came across unpredictable obstacles that did not permit us to fulfill our wishes. So now the question that we ask ourselves is “How do we make sure to successfully attain our goals this upcoming year?”

First off, most of us come up with vague resolutions for the New Year. In order to be successful, we need to be more specific and come up with a plan detailing how we expect to reach our goal. For instance, losing weight is a common resolution that people want to achieve and gym memberships tend to increase within the first two weeks of the New Year; however, most people do not stick to their healthy eating and gym schedule by the end of January. If you often have trouble sticking to your resolutions, you may realize that you often do not have a specific plan to achieve your goals. Specifically, if you would like to lose a few pounds, then you should plan to make lifestyle changes that include eating healthy and daily moderate exercise. In addition, you need to set a realistic weight goal, such as lose a pound a week, and follow a moderate exercise schedule.

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We also set resolutions aimed at our family and occupational lives. At the end of the year, we often evaluate our interpersonal relationships and our jobs and think about what we could’ve done differently. Many people aspire to find better employment, but find themselves in the same dead end job due to fears of leaving their comfort zones or a lack of opportunities. However, during the New Year it is important to reflect on the positive changes that we have made and how to continue progressing, rather than solely focusing on our disappointments. For many it may be helpful to talk to loved ones about changes within you that they have noticed, as we tend be harsh in our self-evaluations. Additionally, many people may make resolutions that are sometimes out of their control, such as getting a raise or being promoted. Although we may not have much decision making control when it comes to a raise or promotion, we could try other outcomes, such as being more productive at work in an attempt to gain our supervisor’s recognition.

Although your intentions are to achieve your goals during the New Year, the biggest mistake that could lead to a pitfall is not expecting a setback or obstacle that may get in the way of achieving your goal. These setbacks or obstacles could often lead us to give up and feel like we will never change or make improvements. During these moments, the important thing to do is sit back, relax, reevaluate, and make a plan to get back on track.

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