Post Holiday Blues

As experienced psychologists, we often encounter people who suffer from anxiety, depression, or other psychological problems during, and soon after the holiday season.

Although the holiday season is supposed to be a happy time for most, it may also trigger negative symptoms for many. This is often described as the holiday blues, but it is important to identify whether this is something that is temporary or if it could evolve to a full blown depressive episode or an anxiety disorder.

Although we often read or hear about holiday blues, but we often fail to pay attention to post-holiday blues that many people face. Post-holiday blues could often be triggered by loneliness, financial difficulties, especially around the holidays, increased alcohol consumption, unrealistic fantasies related to family interactions, and increased tension between loved ones.

Here are some tips, from our team at the Orlandini Psychology Group, to help you overcome post-holiday blues and gain back your energy once the holiday season is over.

Find your Social Support Team

It is important to surround yourself with friends and loved ones who can provide you with support and opportunities to plan activities. Once the holiday season is over, family members may return home and everyone heads back to reality, which results in many people feeling lonely. Post-holiday blues may increase feelings of sadness and depression as well as a lack of energy. Having a stable support team could help prevent post-holiday blues and increase your motivation to participate in various activities.

Find a Hobby

Staying busy and participating in an activity that you enjoy could help in decreasing the post-holiday blues. Joining a gym or joining a local community that participates in various activities, such as, can help you meet new people and help you participate in activities that you would enjoy.

Stay Positive

It is important to reframe your ways of thinking and to focus more attention on the positive aspects of events and situations. You may have enjoyed the holiday season with loved ones and currently miss them, but you could now start planning to get together with them more often and look forward to the next time you get to spend together. Additionally, you could also be proactive with family members and schedule Skype calls or phone calls more often with them.

Take Time for Yourself

The holiday season is usually a busy time of year and we tend on focus on others more than we focus on ourselves. Once the chaotic holiday events are over, you need to take some time to take care of yourself. Taking time for yourself may include going for a nice walk, a yoga class, or a day at the spa. It should be a time for you to recharge your batteries and relax.

If you continue to struggle from post-holiday blues, you may benefit from the help of a professional therapist.

The psychologists here at the Orlandini Psychology Group are highly qualified and are experienced in dealing with issues such as post-holiday depression.

Contact us today. We can help.

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