Substance Abuse and Adolescents

Substances could play a huge role in an adolescent’s life. Some adolescents may show no interest in using any sort of substance, while some begin using substances at a very young age. Drug use and the use of alcohol could affect an adolescent’s achievement in school, relationships with peers and family, and employment. Dangerous factors are also associated with drug use. These factors include: future health problems, overdosing, violence, accidents, unprotected sex, and even STIs due to needle sharing. Drugs may also lead to tolerance, dependence, and eventually addiction.

Adolescents usually begin to engage in drug and alcohol use to adapt to their changing environments. These substances can help stressed adolescents relax and escape reality for some time. They may help adolescents form friendships and help shy individuals become more open. Some adolescents may take some drugs to stay up late and study or even to party. Peers, many song lyrics, movies, and television shows may influence adolescents to use drugs. This leads adolescents to become curious and many are likely to try a drug and continue to use it constantly.

The most widely used drug in adolescence is alcohol. Alcohol could also make adolescents feel more confident and open but it could have a serious effect on biological tissues. Alcohol impairs judgments, skilled performances, such as driving. Driving under the influence is extremely dangerous to the driver and others. Heavy drinkers are usually from unhappy homes, in which there is usually a lack of nurturance from the parents. Peer pressure is a strong predictor of alcohol abuse. Adolescents who engage in frequent alcohol and drug use are more likely to get in trouble with the law. An adolescent who is caught driving under the influence could be denied school loans when they attend college. This may impact the adolescents overall future especially if he or she cannot attend college because of the costs. Also, many adolescents die each year due to car accidents, in which substances were involved and many may face life-threatening diseases caused by substance abuse.

Substance Abuse and Adolescents is an issue Dr. Elsa M. Orlandini and experienced psychologists and therapists of Miami Psychology Group can help with. If you are an adolescent or a parent of an adolescent who has problems with substance use, please contact Dr. Elsa M. Orlandini and the licensed psychologists and therapists of Miami Psychology Group.

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