The Role of Irrational Beliefs

Irrational beliefs are a series of beliefs or thoughts that are learned in different ways throughout our lives.  You can learn them through interactions with others, life experiences, and through modeling from your parents or other important people in your life.

These beliefs are often subconscious and they affect how we view the world, how we interpret our interactions with others, our expectations of ourselves and others and how we feel. Yes, irrational beliefs often contribute to changes in mood states. Remember, your thoughts affect your feelings.  Dr. Orlandini and her team of Licensed Clinical Psychologists at the Orlandini Psychology Group are specially trained to help you identify your irrational beliefs and help you understand how they are impacting your life so you can live more authentically.

The following is a list of common irrational beliefs and their consequences:

I must do well and receive everyone’s approval or else I will be worthless. Leads to low self-esteem.

Other people must always treat me kindly and fairly or else they are bad people. Leads to polarized thinking/black and white thinking, no room for a middle ground.

When I am very stressed and overwhelmed I must be miserable and I am powerless to change this. Leads to a sense of impotence over one’s environment/circumstances thus lack of action.

Counteracting Irrational Beliefs:

Who says I must do well all the time and be approved of all the time? The truth is nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes or has an off day. I’m only human.

Who says people must always treat me kindly? Sometimes people you love can be unkind to you and continue to love you and be kind at other times. Have I been unkind to others? Does that mean I’m a bad person? Do I have a double standard?

Why must I be miserable if I am stressed and overwhelmed? I can implement different coping strategies to improve my stress management making me feel better and helping me feel empowered and more in control.

Dr. Orlandini and the licensed, experienced psychologists at the Orlandini Psychology Group can help you identify your irrational beliefs and how they impact your mood and your life, thus freeing you from the burden that these belief bring.

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